Our Insider Guide To A Romantic Dinner

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Written by ADAM KARLIN

We’re a city that embraces love, booze, food and sensuality. Sometimes the romance comes cloaked in shadows and candlelight, sometimes it comes with jokes and friendly service, but its always present in the following places.


Cafe Degas

3127 Esplanade Ave
New Orleans, LA 70119

Mona Lisa Restaurant

1212 Royal St
New Orleans, LA 70116


Take it from us . . .


This cash only Italian spot sits above the already romantic Apple Barrel. It’s small, kind of cramped, and if we’re being entirely honest, this isn’t the best Italian in the city. But whatever. Remember the street side Italian romantic dinner in Lady and the Tramp? Of course you do. Eating at Adolfo’s feels precisely that warm, cozy and intimate, but minus the alleyway setting.

Dick & Jenny’s

Dick & Jenny’s is the sort of spot you will see crop up on this list a few times: a snug historical home that has been converted into an excellent restaurant serving haute Creole cuisine. It’s stupidly cute, from the plates decorating the wall to its general compact dimensions, which contain therein the spirits of romance, excellent gastronomy and happiness.

Mat & Naddie’s

This Riverbend cottage happens to be adjacent to one our other favorite romantic restaurants (see Dante’s, below). Mat & Naddie’s is romantic partly for its quirkiness; whereas other restaurants on this list affect an intimate ambience, this place goes for a more fun, eccentric vibe, a casual-ness that eases you right into a date.




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